The weather was particularly nice for an early May battle.  We had 4 captains – 3 warships and one cargo ship on the pond and had a great time.

Combatants for the day:

SMS Westfalen – Captained by Phill Lowe


HMS Inflexible – Captained by Hovey Moore


FN Suffren – Captained by Alex Lowe


Maru – Captained by Nick Myers


Selected shots from the day..

The Inflexible pins the Maru on her stern and lets loose with the haymaker, tearing a nasty gash in the Maru’s stern

12 feet later down the pond, a hole below the waterline floods the gash the Inflexible put in her and she sinks rapidly by the stern

Westfalen inspects the wreckage.

The damage from the haymaker that sent the Maru down so fast.

The damage that made the above gash so deadly.  Either the Westfalen or Inflexible accounted for this, we’re not sure which since both took shots in this area.  The Maru’s balsa is getting more and more brittle and single shots are creating cracks and splits frequently now.

Back out on the water, the Westfalen looks to do some damage

In a bit of a pickle here, usually a ship defends the Maru on its cargo runs around the pond, but today everyone is a wolf.

Almost home safe.  During cargo runs the Maru must complete 3 laps around the buoys, and at each buoy must loop the buoy completely before heading back down the pond.

The Inflexible hangs up on some fine pond debris, the best help the Maru receives all day.

No WCC battle seems complete without testing deckseals and internal hold-downs.

Given all the openings on the Westfalen, I’m surprised this didn’t put her on the bottom.

It was a very nice day on the pond and the Maru shows off her painter’s tape patches nicely.

Parting shots, but a little too far away.