Our hobby provokes a lot of incredulous looks and questions.  So in no particular order, answers to some of the most common.

Q: Do they really sink?
A: Yes!

Q: So you spend all this time and money to build a ship, then let someone destroy it?
A: The ships aren’t destroyed, these are not disposable toys.  They’re built to survive.  The BBs tear apart the thin balsa sides, but the rest of the ship is built to withstand such damage.  After they sink we recover them, drain the water and patch the holes.

Q: Doesn’t sinking ruin the electronics?
A: No, not usually.  Most of the electronic pieces and parts are sealed in such a way that the water cannot reach them or cannot effect them.

Q: Why would you let someone shoot your ship?
A: Because its fun, and you get to shoot theirs in return! (And hopefully sink it)

Q: What do you shoot with?
A: Our weapon systems are powered by CO2.  Regulated to 150 PSI or less they fire .177″ BBs

Q: Can I build a ship and launch bottle rockets or firecrackers at yours?
A: No.  Explosives and Incendiaries are very forbidden.  The goal is to sink eachother and have fun, not to destroy eachother.

Q: Can I put Aluminum/Steel/Other Impenetable Material on the sides of my ship so you can’t sink me?
A: No, that would defeat the purpose of the game.

Q: Your hobby isn’t realistic.
A: We know.  It’s a game where the pieces are WW1 – WW2 era semi-scale model warships.

Q: What scale do you use?
A: 1/144

Q: Can I build a ship and play too?
A: Absolutely!