Due to the weather being not so cooperative, the October 9th battle is cancelled.  Thus we have arrived at the conclusion of our battling season.  Time to build for next year!Read More →

We’re nearing the end of the 2016 season as the weather cools and becomes wetter and windier.  We will battle this Sunday the 25th at Cle Elum.  Captains should aim to arrive around 10.  Spectators who are interested in the ships and possibly getting involved and would like to spend time chatting with us should be thinking 11.  Spectators who are primarily interested in spectating should aim for noon.  Based on past events we will likely be at the pond until 3 or 4, depending on the weather. Need directions?  Check out the Ponds page: http://nwnavalcombat.com/battles/ponds Wondering about an October battle?  Well, we’re not sure yet.Read More →

The battle scheduled for August 16th has been shifted to Aug 23.  Still at Cle Elum.  Battlers should aim to arrive at 11am.  If you’re purely spectating, show up after noon unless you want to partake in the idle chatter while things get set up and ready.Read More →

We are still active!  Though we’ve been quiet here, we have been battling.  Life has conspired to keep many of our members quite busy but we are still battling,  Our biggest obstacle has been the ongoing attempt to find a local pond, preferably in King or Pierce county in which we can play.  If you know anyone with a private pond who would be amenable to our game, let us know.  In the meantime we are battling out in Cle Elum. For lots more pictures, movies and general information about the hobby, stop by the forums at RCWarshipCombat.comRead More →

The 2013 schedule has been posted.  We haven’t settled all the locations out yet, in fact, only the first battle of the year is settled for location.  Our first battle will be April 14 at Coal Creek.  We’re hoping to begin the battle itself at noon, so captains should arrive sufficiently early to accommodate that. Check back for more updates to the schedule, or use the ‘Contact Us’ link to join our mailing list!Read More →

Our next battle is scheduled for July 29th, at Swan Creek in Tacoma.  Directions can be found on our Ponds page. Desired start time is 11am again, so captains, please arrive sufficiently early to set up and prep ships.  The goal is to run at least two battles of two sorties each, with a longer break between the battles for lunch and repair. Guests and spectators should consider arriving at 11 or later unless they are interested in aspects other than the combat.  Please do not bring small children or animals that will not wear safety glasses.  We do have a supply of safety-glasses forRead More →

April 22nd we will have our first battle of 2012.  Start time is 11am, location is Coal Creek.  Captains should plan to arrive by 10:30 to begin set up and prep work. Directions to Coal Creek Pond can be found on the Ponds page. As always, spectators and guests are welcome, please bring safety glasses and do not bring pets (they don’t like wearing safety glasses).Read More →

On July 31st, Joe Follansbee of The Fyddeye Guide to America’s Naval History came to visit us at a battle.  He brought with a video camera, shot some video and did some interviews. Afterwards he put together a video overlaying some of those interviews with footage from the battle.  Read More →

Our next two battles will be October 2nd and 16th. Both will be at Coal Creek in Bellevue, and both will begin with the first sortie at 11am.Read More →