We have posted our 2024 schedule. Hope to see you in the shop or pond side. Check out the schedule for times and locations below.https://nwnavalcombat.com/scheduleRead More →

Date: 23rd Location: Trombley Pond – message us for address Time: 10:00AM – 4:00PM First battle is at 11:00AM If you have them bring a chair, safety glasses (regular glasses are a no go), a camera, and lots of questions.Read More →

We have posted a preliminary outline of planned dates for this summer’s battles.  Currently our only usable pond is located in McKenna.  We are looking in to an option in Snohomish. If you have a pond, or know someone with a pond, and would be okay with having model warships battling, please use the contact form to let us know.  We are especially keen to find something in the Tacoma to Renton stretch as that is a comfortable mid-way point for many of our members.  We can provide site insurance through NAMBA as well as personal policies covering individual battlers against injury and damage.Read More →

Sept 22 event is being scrubbed from the schedule.  We have lost access to both our prefered venues, Swan Creek and Coal Creek, so we are probably done for the year. If you have a pond, or know someone who has a pond and would be willing to let us play on it, this year or next, drop us a line. If you are interested in the hobby, we will probably have a few get-together and BS&Build sessions over the fall and winter at which interested folk are always welcome.Read More →

**UPDATE: Venue changed to Coal Creek ** Our next battle is scheduled for Sept 9, at Cle Elum. ** Coal Creek in Bellevue **  Directions can be found on our Ponds page. Desired start time is 11am again, so captains, please arrive sufficiently early to set up and prep ships.  The goal is to run at least two battles of two sorties each, with a longer break between the battles for lunch and repair. Guests and spectators should consider arriving at 11 or later unless they are interested in aspects other than the combat.  Please do not bring small children or animals that will not wearRead More →

Our next two battles will be held on June 3rd and June 24th, roughly 11am for each at Swan Creek in Tacoma.  Directions are available on the Ponds page for those who need them. Captains should plan to arrive early enough to have time to set-up and prepare for an 11am battle.  Suggested arrival is 10:30 or earlier.  As before, the goal is to have a minimum of two battles, each containing 2 sorties.  After the first battle we will have a longer break for lunch and repairs. Guests and spectators need not arrive before 11:00 if you are only interested in the action.  WeRead More →