At the end of July we will be having 2 events.

On July 30th, at about 1pm we will be gathering at the Bellevue Downtown Park Pond for an afternoon of FunRun, BS and general fun (but only limited mayhem as we can’t shoot there).  The current thought is to go get food as a group afterwards.  Everyone is invited, feel free to bring your spouse, significant other or any person you would like.  This is an excellent pre-battle chance to perform seatrials and find problems that need correcting.

On July 31st we will be having a battle at Swan Creek in Tacoma.  Planned start time is 10am.  As always guests are welcome at the pond and if they are interested we will try to get them into a battle sailing a transport in our convoy games in which someone almost always sinks.

The locations of the ponds can be found on the Ponds page.