Our next battle will be May 20th, roughly 11am at Swan Creek in Tacoma.  Directions are available on the Ponds page for those who need them.

Captains should plan to arrive early enough to have time to set-up and prepare for an 11am battle.  Suggested arrival is 10:30 or earlier.  As before, the goal is to have a minimum of two battles, each containing 2 sorties.  After the first battle we will have a longer break for lunch and repairs.

Guests and spectators need not arrive before 11:00 if you are only interested in the action.  We do have sizable amounts of downtime as we prep and repair ships – there are trails in the area that you can enjoy if you are not interested in our company during those times.  We do have safety glasses available for guests, and we may have an opportunity for interested guests to command a ship in action – please let us know if you are interested.  Please do not bring small children or pets who will not wear safety glasses – safety is important to us and this game involves flying BBs.