Our next two battles will be October 2nd and 16th. Both will be at Coal Creek in Bellevue, and both will begin with the first sortie at 11am.

Captains should plan to arrive between 10 and 10:30 to allow sufficient time to set up your workspace and prep your vessels.  Ships that are not ready by the start of a sortie will not sail in that sortie.

Between each sortie there will be 20 minutes allotted to patch ram damage and fix other issues with ships.  After the first battle is complete (2 sorties), which should be about noon, we will take a longer break for lunch before commending the afternoon battles.  Hovey will be in charge of maintaining and enforcing the schedule at the event and of keeping everyone informed as to the schedule.

Guests and Interested visitors: You are welcome to show up at any time and feel free to ask questions between sorties.  If you take photos or video I would love to get copies if possible.  We generally have a convoy ship or two in need of a volunteer to captain it around the course while we try to sink or defend it, feel free to volunteer yourselves if you are there.  We do have some safety glasses available if you do have your own.

Directions are available on the Ponds page.